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Teaching Goals:
1. Learn how to describe people.
2. Talk about the reason why we admire famous women.
3. Study the rules of Subject-Verb Agreement.
4. Write a fan letter.
Knowledge obtaining
to practice some useful words and phrases for describing people and personality.
Ability training
1.to learn to talk about people .
2.to develop the Ss’ reading comprehensive ability and reading skills . by practicing reading strategies
3. to master the use of the Subject-verb agreement .
Moral training teaching
Let students understand the keys to success by learning about the famous or successful women.
Teaching aids
Multi-media blackboard
The arrangement of teaching periods
The First Period              warming up and Listening
The Second Period        speaking and listening (workbook)
The Third Period             Reading (1)
The Fourth Period           Reading (2) Language points
The Fifth Period              Language Study and Grammar 
The Sixth Period             Integrating Skills 
The Seventh Period Workbook and Unit Test (Dictation on words and expressions)
Period 1
Teaching Aims:
1.Learn and master the following:
inspire generous cheerful mean warm-hearted cold-hearted tense miserable dishonest
2.Train the students' listening ability.
3.Improve the students' speaking ability by talking and discussing in pairs or groups.
4.Make the students know the fact that they will succeed as long as they work hard.
Teaching Important Points:
1.Train the students' listening ability.
2.Master some words describing people and use them correctly.
Teaching Difficult Points:
1.How to improve the students' listening ability.
2.How to carry out the task of speaking.
Teaching Methods:
1.Listening-and-answering activity to help the students go through with the listening material.
2.Individual,pair or group work to make every student work in class.
Teaching Aids:
a projector and some slides
本节课是听说课,以听力为主, 通过听学生获取有关如何描绘人的信息,听完后要求学生把所听内容复述出来,完成一个基本信息转化过程,由输入转向输出。这仅仅是一个技能的训练,学生在能够把所听内容复述出后,让学生以小组的形式对班上的同学进行描述,进行自由谈话,把这种技能训练延伸到了能力的提升。课文的引入是通过学生谈论他们认为的最崇拜的杰出女性。这个任务是在课前给学生布置下去,学生在课下小组内经过自主学习,探究的形式确定他们的展示形式。听力部分是介绍4个不同特征的人,听力的学习是以分段的形式听,这样学生听的时候有针对性,这样可以使听力的难度降低,学生在听完后能够复述所听的内容,同时也为学生的输出奠定了基础。听完后学生分组进行讨论来练习描述班上的同学。
Teaching Procedures:
Step. Lead in by asking about Women’s Day
In March, there is an important international festival. Do you know what festival it is?
What do you do on this festival?
Step. Warming up:
Students present the result of their discussion in groups after class. They talk about some famous women they think.
Answer the following question
What personalities do a successful women?
self-disciplined Open-minded Optimistic Courageous Confident
persevering hard-working Determined responsible
Step . Listening
Before listening Explain some important sentences to students so that they can get a good understanding of the listening passage )
1. What has become of her?
=what has happened to her?
 What becomes of sb. / sth.                 某人 / 某事物情况如何
e.g.---I want to know what became of the  people who lived next door.
e.g. ---__________________     if the parents are dead?
2. She always had high marks for maths
high marks for
3. I think you told me about her and the fight she used to have with other girls
Have a fight with sb
mix up 弄混
The teacher always _____________with another student of the same name.
listen to the following paragraphs and finish the tasks.
T: Now, let's do some listening. First, listen to the tape carefully and write down the key word describing Lily. Second, First, listen to the tape carefully and write down the key word describing rose.
Answers to Part 1
What was her name?
What did she like?
What was she good at?
What has become of her?
Third, listen to the tape carefully and write down the key word describing Jane. Fourth, listen to the tape carefully and write down the key word describing Sandra.
What was her name?
What did she like?
What was she good  at?
What has become   of her?
listen to the paragraph and fill in  the blanks. Then retell what you hear about each person.
Let’s see how much do you know about them
Alice at first didn’t like Lily because she thought that
 ____ ______ ____ ____.She always had ______ ______ ______ _______.  One day, I found out that she was very ________ __________ ________.  Then we became good friends. now she is a teacher in a small town.
Rose ____ __   __ quite fat. She used to _____ very well. Everybody liked her because she was
___ ____ ____ _____. I see her quite often. We’re still ____ _____of friends. She’s married and has a lovely daughter .
Sandra and Lily were like fire and Water . She and Rose could
 ____ ____ alright( all right). Jane has always been very _____ , _____ and ______. I always thought she wanted to become a ______, just what you would expect from such a gentle person. But now she works in a department store in Dalian.     
Sandra has _______ a lot. It isn’t true to say that she was ______ as a student, but she did not do too much if she could help it. She was also always __ _______ . But now she’s a ______ and ____________ woman. She has her own company, together with a friend of hers.
Step . Speaking
Answer the following questions:
What words are usually used to describe people according to what you hear?
What are positive words and what are positive words?
Words about people’s qualities
Positive words
Kind     honest   warm     loyal        smart   strong 
popular   gentle   friendly   hard-working   intelligent   unselfish   confident determined
negative words
mean   tense   miserable   dull
Work in groups and practice describing our classmates. You can play guessing game.
Happy talk
Choose one of your classmates and describe his or her main character and predict what he or she may become in the future.
Step V:  Assignment
Please write a passage with a title “My Classmate” or My Friend”
Unit 17
本节课是听说课,以听力为主, 通过听学生获取有关如何描绘人的信息,听完后要求学生把所听内容复述出来,完成一个基本信息转化过程,由输入转向输出。这仅仅是一个技能的训练,学生在能够把所听内容复述出后,让学生以小组的形式对班上的同学进行描述,进行自由谈话,把这种技能训练延伸到了能力的提升。课文的引入是通过学生谈论他们认为的最崇拜的杰出女性。这个任务是在课前给学生布置下去,学生在课下小组内经过自主学习,探究的形式确定他们的展示形式。听力部分是介绍4个不同特征的人,听力的学习是以分段的形式听,这样学生听的时候有针对性,这样可以使听力的难度降低,学生在听完后能够复述所听的内容,同时也为学生的输出奠定了基础。听完后学生分组进行讨论来练习描述班上的同学。
1. 展示一些伟大举行的图片
2. 学生展示介绍伟大女性,可以通过小游戏,给出文字,猜人物的方式进行,形式不限。
3. 指出他们共同的特征。
4. 听力学习怎样描述人物
5. 听之前,把听力中的难句进行解释,这样学生在听的时候对听力的内容可以更好的了解
6.  听力分段听 然后完成书上相应的人物。听力部分谈论的是4个人,要分别完成四项任务,如果从头听到尾,对于大部分学生比较难。因此,把听力内容分成4部分听,一是难度降低,二是时间短,这样学生听的时候能够高度集中注意力,有助于高质量的完成任务。
7. 在听完成句子填空。把难句以挖空的形式展示在屏幕上,目的一是通过填入所缺的词,能够帮助学生对于单句更好的理解,二是对描述人的形容词加深理解。学生通过再听达到了复述的目的,锻炼了短时记忆的能力。为下面的口头表达奠定了基础。
8. 听完第二遍,学生根据展示的关键词复述。学生在听完后能够复述所听的内容,同时也为学生的输出奠定了基础。 听完后学生分组进行讨论来练习描述班上的同学
9. 收集描述人物的词
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